Chapter Three

Ripley is of unknown age but our best guess is somewhere around 7 years old. Katie S. rescued Rip from a local German Shepherd Rescue but it’s abundantly clear this girl is probably not a GSD. Our girl is an amazing tracker and an avid frisbee enthusiast. Rip is Katie S.’s velcro dog and would go everywhere with Katie S. if allowed. Ripley is a fierce protector of our home and family.

Finnigan is a red merle, two-year-old Australian shepherd. Finn is our heaviest dog at 43 pounds, but he would tell you he weighs much less. Having grown up with an older sibling, he is the friendliest pupper in the whole world and has never met any person or animal he did not love. He is unconditionally friendly. Finn is endlessly goofy and incredibly kind and his whole face lights up at the sound of our laughter.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

-C.J. Frick