Chapter Six

Family is an important part of our lives. Traditionally, we spend most holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with both sides of our family. Whether it is Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, game night, or football season, there is always a reason for us to get together.

Katie T.’s immediate family consists of her mother, older sister, and brother-in-law. Her sister has one child, who is seven years old. All of her family live within 30 minutes of each other and spend a large amount of time together. They are a major support system for her. She has a large extended family of several aunts, uncles, and cousins who live nearby as well. We get together for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and several times in the summer at her aunt’s pool.

Katie S.’s immediate family consists of her mother, father, younger sister, and older brother. Katie’s parents and older brother live close by, while her sister resides in SC. Her younger sister and older brother are both married. Fun fact, her brother-in-law actually performed the wedding ceremony for her and Katie! Her brother has one son, who is two years old, and an almost 3-month-old daughter. As all three siblings have all grown up, it has been realized how precious family is and everyone spends every chance available together. There is never a dull moment. A typical family get-together includes watching the Packers play football, cooking, and lots of laughter!