Chapter Four

This is Katie S.

I never knew love in a partner until I met Katie S. Come to think of it, I am not sure I knew courage, loyalty, or trust either. Katie S. proved to me that each of these qualities can exist in one person, my person, and that this person can make your world special. To this day, I pinch myself as if the life I am living cannot be real. I believe Katie S. was made me for – I believe God created her as my perfect match.

Katie S. is fiercely loyal. She firmly stands by her values and never teeters despite adversity. She is the strongest person I have ever known, and she shares her strength with those around her.

Katie S. builds me up and helps me believe I am capable of anything. She is my ally and my confidant and puts me on her shoulders if ever I cannot see my worth above all else.

Katie S. brings joy and laughter to all those around her. She has the ability to bring light into full darkness. The light comes from within her. Katie S. is her family’s greatest source of love and kindness, and it can never be matched. Katie S. is my best friend.