Chapter Five

This is Katie T.

And I, Katie S., am going to attempt the impossible and put who my wife is and how exactly I feel about her into words. This is no easy task. I met Katie T. the only way that people seem to meet these days, a dating app. I had been on what felt like endless terrible dates for years before stumbling across Katie T. So, to say I was reluctant to even go on our first date is an understatement (she also rescheduled on me TWICE!).

The very first thing I noticed about Katie T. was her unsatiable curiosity. I had never met anyone in my life that asked that many questions. And she didn’t just ask me, she was asking our waiter question after question and she genuinely wanted to know the answer. It floored me. I was hooked.

Katie T. is wonderfully curious, about everything. I tease her because she constantly asks me questions that are very easy to just Google. She is incredibly smart and hardworking. She dedicates herself to her work and makes sure our family is well taken care of. Katie T. is a super klutz. I have lost count of how many times she has both fallen up and down the stairs. On one of our very early dates, I noticed that her shoe was untied. I bent down to tie it for her and she tried to bring the shoe up to me, resulting in her falling down on the gravel parking lot. Katie T. is kindhearted and goofy, often found chasing or playing with the kids at any gathering. She sings and dances around our house, often just to make me laugh.

Katie T. is my light. Katie T. has stuck with me through some tough times, and she’s been my saving grace. I am lucky every day because Katie T. is by my side. Katie T. loves me so fiercely and without prejudice, I never doubt that I am enough because of her. I have never loved anyone like I love Katie T. Her love and compassion give me strength any time I need it, for any reason. Nothing is impossible because Katie T. is by my side. Life is hard and messy and beautiful and complicated and goes too fast and too slow but the most important thing is I get to experience it all with my best friend and wife. I cannot wait to raise a family with her, and I know, without a doubt, that every part of my life is better because of her.